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Astronomy in Motion: About the Animator/Artist

After I saw the motion picture "2001: A Space Odyssey" I was inspired to imagine how astronomical objects might really look to the unaided eye up close.  A few years later, my college classmate Wallace Rutkowski used chalk pastels to imitate the works of Chesley Bonestell.  I then began painting space art.  Many years later, when I teamed up with Dave Rosler's special FX company, I felt the allure of animation.

Now I like to make space subjects move.
L. B.

A Compact Biography

Current and Past Affiliations

  • International Association of Astronomical Artists
    IAAA, International Association of Astronomical Artists
  • ASP, Astronomical Society of the Pacific
  • MAPS, Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society
  • A.A.I., Amateur Astronomers Inc.,
    Cranford, NJ, USA
  • IPS, International Planetarium Society

Current and Future Projects:

  • AHA!  Animated History of Astronomy
    A series of interactive articles that use animations and QuickTime Virtual Reality models manipulated by the reader
  • Building a QTVR model of the NJAA New Jersey Astronomical Association's observatory in Vorhees State Park, NJ
  • Illustrating and animating novel-in-progress
    by cousin L. Wayne Buinis
  • Music video "The Moonrock Rock" version 3.0 (see "Video")
Animation and Artwork © by Lonny Buinis