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Astronomy In Motion: Video

The First Men in the Moon 3D, a film by David Rosler

The first 3D version of the classic story by H. G. Wells, and the only one done in a style completely faithful to the original.

I contributed the basis for the model of the observatory. I also appear in a minor nonspeaking role (you'll see me at the start of the trailer).

The Moonrock Rock (music video)

I chose a 3-minute song by Jane Murphy from her 1988 collection "Journey into Space" (© Kimbo Educational Company), to animate with 3D characters, a singing Moonrock and his accompanists, the Rockettes. The first of five stanzas is at the International Space Art Network, in Flash format. Next year I'll be working on an updated version.

Starship RVCC (Vimeo, YouTube)

Every year the All College Day committee at Raritan Valley Community College (North Branch, NJ) prepares a lighthearted opener to what started as Faculty Reporting Day. A past president expanded the event to include all staff. For the Star Trek theme in 2010, I turned the RVCC campus buildings into a starship and created several minutes of animation to accompany the voice narration, interrupted and frozen in several spots for commentary by the hosts.

Animation and Artwork © by Lonny Buinis